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Testimonials About Dr. Atallah

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Dr. Atallah himself is an excellent surgeon and his character and attitude and kindness and concern have been very appreciated by myself and my husband and family members.  His staff are excellent people also.  I would recommend Dr. Atallah to all people in need of his expertise.


I chose Dr. Atallah for his specialty and writings by him I had read.  His demeanor and professionalism met my expectations.


Dr. Atallah is my hero!  I had an issue I had dealt with for 16 years.  He removed my pain explained everything in a way I could understand and even made me laugh about my condition.


Dr. Atallah has cared for me for almost 3 years.  When he first became involved in my medical care, I was (literally) almost dead and wanted to die.  He gave me hope along with excellent medical care, and my quality of life has come 180 degrees.


Dr. Atallah took lots of time with me to help me with a plan to have an easier experience while going through chemo treatments for FNHL.  His guidance and plan made my last round of chemo a piece of cake!    I will be forever grateful!  Thanks !    Dr. Atallah, you rock!!!!


Dr. Atallah is an amazing doctor and a wonderful person.  I will be eternally grateful for his time and dedication.


I'm not happy to be ill, but thrilled with the kind, courteous, professional and quality care Dr. Atallah provides.  I know I am receiving excellent care!


I have the utmost respect for Dr. Atallah and this team. I have been very satisfied with the care I received throughout my treatment. I do recommend Dr. Atallah & his team to people I know.  I wish everyone could have the exceptional care I have received!


I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Atallah.  His confidence made me feel very at ease leading up to my surgery. I would recommend him to anyone needing his expertise.


Dr. Atallah is exceptional in the surgical field - I have numerous experiences from which to compare. I would be pleased to be able to continue my relationship with this doctor as the need arises.