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Patient Stories

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Our Patients Share Their Experiences

Experience the treatment and care delivered by the compassionate physicians at the Center for Colon & Rectal Surgery through the patient testimonials listed below. We'd like to hear your words about Center for Colon and Rectal Surgery. Please share your story.

David’s Story

After a routine colonoscopy screening, David found out that he needed surgery to remove a growth inside his colon. Here is his story.

Tressie's Story

Tressie Dawson came to the Center for Colon and Rectal Surgery to seek treatment for her Crohn's disease, an inflammatory condition that affects the lining of the digestive tract. George Nassif, Jr., DO, FACS, helped reduce her pain, but informed her that surgery was the only way to treat her condition and improve her quality of life.

Joe's Story

Minimally Invasive/Robotic Surgery by Dr. Nassif
Joe, 54, was alarmed when his physician in Pensacola told him he had found precancerous cells during a routine colonoscopy. "He told me that I needed surgery and that I might lose my rectum and need a colostomy bag," Joe recalls. Seeking a second, expert opinion, Joe's sister read about Dr. Nassif's use of minimally invasive, robotic surgery to treat colon cancer. Joe, a pilot, flew from Pensacola to Orlando to be seen at Center for Colon and Rectal Cancer.