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Sphinctorplasty for Fecal Incontinence

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Patients who continue to experience fecal incontinence despite other treatments may require surgery to regain control. There are two anal muscles that control bowel movements, similar to two round doughnuts, one inside the other. If a defect exists in the complete circle of muscle, the problem can be corrected with this surgery.

Sphincteroplasty, rectal sphincter repair, is the most common procedure used to correct sphincter muscle defects or injury. During the sphincteroplasty, the two ends of the muscle are cut and overlapped onto one another, then sewn in place to restore the complete circle of muscle.

Conditions Treated

Sphinctorplastymay especially be needed for patients who have experienced anal muscle injuries.

Sphinctorplasty is used to repair the muscles of the anus.