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The Benefits of Pelvic 3D Ultrasound

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The benefits of 3D diagnostic ultrasounds are clear, you might even say, transparent. With this new method of diagnosis, our board-certified physicians now offer enhanced, 3D imaging for dynamic studies of pelvic floor disorders. 

For patients, the benefits are easy to see. First, 3D diagnostic ultrasounds provides detailed images of the entire pelvic floor with only one test, eliminating the need for patients to make multiple trips to the doctor’s office. With just one test, patients can get their results back much quicker, spend less time in treatment, and pay less out-of-pocket. The exam itself is more comfortable and quicker, leading to a better patient experience. Patients can even take home a DVD with all the images from their assessment.

3D Ultrasound for Rectal Cancer Staging

For patients suffering from rectal lesions or various forms of rectal cancer, 3D ultrasound technology allows for earlier diagnosis and treatment, as well as more accurate staging of rectal cancer and an increased rate of success.

Three-dimensional ultrasonography is a relatively new technology, allowing for multiplanar imaging of both rectal and anal tumors that would normally require the use of an MRI. . Using 3D ultrasounds, doctors have a serious advantage when it comes to determining how to treat a tumor (for example, it can help them determine whether or not to give chemotherapy and radiation prior to surgery). 

To learn more about a pelvic 3D ultrasound or to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 407.303.2615 or contact us via our online form.