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What to expect during your first visit.

Your first encounter with the physician will be a consultation time with you and your family (if present), to provide an opportunity to discuss the reason for your visit.  The physician will ask you questions about your health history and will review your medical records.  After the initial consultation (and depending on the reason for your visit), you will be examined with a proctoscope or an anoscope as needed.  The physician will discuss with you what he/she has found and discuss your treatment options at that point.

Unless otherwise instructed, you will not need to prep for this exam. 

What to bring to your first visit

To make the most of your initial visit please bring or have your referring physicians fax a copy of any testing that you may have had done to include:

Cat Scan Results with a cd if performed outside of the Florida Hospital System
Ultrasound Reports
Colonoscopy Report
Pathology Reports
Recent Lab work