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Dr. Albert Gives Closing Keynote in Ireland

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Dr. Matthew Albert recently presented at Dublin Academic Medical Centre’s 21st International Meeting on Colorectal Cancer in Ireland. Held at St. Vincent’s University Hospital, this event aimed to review the state of colorectal cancer in Ireland and the future of colorectal cancer care. Dr. Albert closed the convention with the “State Of The Art Lecture,” during which he discussed Center for Colon and Rectal Surgery’s innovative TAMIS (Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery) procedure and the advances it presents in cancer care.

Ireland’s Minister for Health and Children is passionate about cancer prevention, screening and early diagnosis for effective treatment. Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer and the second most deadly cancer in Ireland. Given the prevalence of this disease, the National Cancer Screening Service initiated a colorectal screening program called BowelScreen. BowelScreen’s initial results were widely discussed during the symposium. This program includes a free at-home screening kit, has screened over 130,000 adults in Ireland and is on track to screen 500,000 citizens by 2015. The screening service is just the first step in combatting colorectal cancer in the country. With follow-up colonoscopies recommended for approximately 5% of all screened people, more sophisticated and effective treatment options for those diagnosed with cancer are necessary. State-of-the-art colorectal cancer procedures like TAMIS offer patients less pain and faster recovery over traditional surgical techniques. Read more about TAMIS and how Dr. Albert and the team at Center for Colon and Rectal Surgery are sharing this groundbreaking technique worldwide here

See photos, the event's program and a summary from the Irish Medical Times below. 

Dr. Albert Ireland Article

Dr. Albert Ireland Photos

Program Invite

St Vincent's Program

St Vincent's Program - Dr. Albert

View the event's full program here